BMW Warranty.

When you own a BMW, driving pleasure is a guarantee. Discover the benefits of an unbeatable warranty programme with every model purchased and registered at any BMW Authorised Dealer in Malaysia. Free Scheduled Service is provided in accordance with the Condition Based Service (CBS) system in your BMW vehicle.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your BMW is in good hands because nobody knows your BMW as well as we do.


Any repair or replacement performed under this warranty must be carried out by a BMW Authorised Dealer. This warranty will not cover any claim that may arise from any work performed by a non-BMW authorised workshop or any claims in connection therewith.

Fluids like coolant, oil, lubricant and fuel shall be used as recommended by the vehicles’ manufacturer and all further instructions in the BMW Owner’s Handbook shall be followed.

Vehicle must be properly operated and all of the manufacturer prescribed/recommended maintenance, inspection and servicing is to be performed without gaps and on-time (according to the service interval shown for the vehicle) according to the specifications of the manufacturer.



Your assurance for a safe journey with BMW approved star-marked tyres. Ensure the wheels and tyres of your vehicle are always in perfect sync and enjoy a comprehensive protection plan that covers tyre damages caused by any sharp objects (e.g. nail or broken glass) or by hitting the edge of a curb or pothole.

You are entitled to a complimentary BMW Tyre Warranty on all 4 BMW Approved Star-Marked Tyres that come factory fitted with your new BMW car.

You are entitled to a complimentary BMW Tyre Warranty on any BMW Approved Star-Marked Tyres purchased from any BMW Authorised Dealer.

In the case of a claim, your preferred BMW Authorised Dealer will inspect the cause of the damage and assess the current market value of the damaged tyre. Depending on the depth of the tread you will be compensated up to 100% of the cost of a new tyre.

If the damaged tyre still has >7mm of residual tread depth, you will be compensated with a brand new tyre at no cost. BMW will also absorb the fitment and balancing costs. The compensation will be calculated based on the RRP at the time of change.


Engineered in collaboration with leading tyre manufacturers around the world, BMW Approved Star-Marked Tyres are the only tyres manufactured exacting to the performance standards of a BMW.

The precise harmonisation of the wheels, tyres and chassis components are essential to achieve optimum handling and performance - the very reasons you chose a BMW in the first place. BMW Approved Star-Marked Tyres are extensively tested and specifically matched to every model and their electronic support systems, to deliver superior handling with solid acceleration, crisp cornering and smooth braking.

Only tyres bearing the star are guaranteed premium features and properties exclusively to BMW Approved Star-Marked Tyres. These tyres meets and exceeds the uncompromising standards of BMW across four key performance indicators: driving dynamics, safety, comfort and economy.