BMW M135i - All You Need To Know

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BMW M135i - All You Need To Know

2 min reading time

BMW M135i - All you need to know

BMW has floored the pedal with its new front-wheel-drive hatchback, the new 1-Series. With a vision fuelled by excitement and passion, its new 1-Series will also be sold as an all-wheel-drive hot hatch featuring all the mean race-engineering that comes with an M-car. The 2020 M135i xDrive joins great company, following the BMW X3 M, BMW X4 M, and BMW M8 in 2019 as the first M car released in 2020. In this article we will discuss the few (among many) updated features of the hot hatch slated for a well-anticipated April release.



The updated M135i has a more aggressive appearance compared to lesser 1-Series models, a distinctive design and finish to its grille, sports-inspired side skirts, and much bigger wheels, all engineered for performance driving. The new, much larger kidney grille makes its debut on the hot hatch segment, paired with a lower bumper that resembles a menacing grin – making for a beast of a first impression.



The new flagship of the 1-series range will use a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder engine with 306bhp, able to rocket from 0-100km/h in 4.8 seconds, and easing into a 250km/h limiter. For any car meant for everyday driving, this is an extremely quick car- over 300bhp paired with a rich torque band for the eight-speed automatic gearbox to exploit, this looks to blow most cars off the road.



The 5-door hatch features a beautifully integrated flush glass screen, with important details such as extremely comfortable bolstered seats with blue stitching. We also get classic BMW M signatures, through the pleated seat trim detailing, and that sweet, thick steering wheel. While it’s not as spacious as you might imagine, the set-up of the interior is one that prioritises the driver with intuitive design.



BMW has engaged to maintain the ride quality of its 1 Series predecessors – with its well-known ability to absorb the oh-so-common Malaysian road bumps and potholes, making this a very driveable everyday hot hatch. You could drive it in Sport mode all the time, on the adaptive dampers, but a switch to Comfort Mode will leave you with the drive you’ve been looking for.


For more information on the new BMW M135i xDrive and other future releases visit the Quill Automobiles showroom in Ground Floor, Quill 9, 112, Jalan Professor Khoo Kay Kim, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.



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