How You Can Own A BMW and Not Break The Bank

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How You Can Own A BMW and Not Break The Bank

2 min reading time

How You Can Own A BMW and Not Break The Bank

BMW is a brand that has been well-loved in Malaysia and across the globe for over a century. The iconic blue and white badge on the front of every BMW vehicle symbolizes a marriage of luxury, innovation, and quality. From its inception in Bavaria in the early part of the 1900s to its expansion into a world-renowned vehicle, BMW automobiles has a long and distinct relationship with their owners and has become a symbol of success, class, and luxury.

Each year BMW produces a variety of cars, catered for a multitude of functions; from the flagship full-sized luxury sedan 7 Series, the sports crossover X cars, to the track-ready M cars. BMW produces the “ultimate driving machine.” It distinguishes itself from other luxury car manufacturers by being sporty and driver-centric. Throughout the years, BMW has adjusted to the modern car market, providing an array of vehicles - all easily recognizable by its trademark kidney grilles.

While BMW cars have proven to be amazing to drive, it also obviously comes with a price tag to match. The brand is commonly associated with luxury prices, which makes it mostly only accessible to higher-income earners. For some, owning a BMW is a life ambition.

But - what if we told you that you could own a BMW sold by BMW, but at a fraction of the cost?

Sounds too good to be true?

Then you probably haven’t heard about BMW Premium Selection.

BMW Premium Selection is a fleet of pre-owned BMW vehicles that are carefully selected and comprehensively examined for quality. The service allows the legacy of the vehicle to continue through to a new generation of drivers. BMW Premium Selection cars are not just any BMW – the brand stands for the right cars with the right history. If a BMW vehicle isn't meticulously maintained, it will not achieve the BMW Premium Selection status. To ensure BMW Premium Selection vehicles feel exactly a brand-new BMW; every single vehicle comes with a full, detailed history about servicing, maintenance and repair.


BMW Premium Selection Benefits

  1. Minimum 12 months Warranty

Every car from BMW Premium Selection comes with a one-year full warranty on all mechanical and electronic parts. The cars go through a strict testing procedure, and is guaranteed to drive, feel, and even smell like a new BMW.


      2. Every car goes through a 360° Vehicle Check

BMW Premium Selection pre-owned vehicles are checked by certified BMW specialists to not only run well, but also look great. The cars go through a rigorous all-around check to ensure that it complies with standard BMW specifications.


      3. Cars Come with a Certified History Log

When purchasing a pre-owned car, the common concern is the background of the car; who drove it? Was it serviced regularly? Is it accident-free? BMW Premium Selection cars come with a complete, certified vehicle history.


BMW showrooms like Quill Automobiles offer a wide variety of BMW Premium Selection cars – and even provide services to search out any specific models, offer trade-in deals for other car brands and attractive financing packages.  So, the next time you find yourself dreaming of the ultimate drive, you might want to consider turning those dreams into a reality.

For more information on the BMW Premium Selection, visit the Quill Automobiles showroom at Jalan Professor Khoo Kay Kim, PJ.



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